Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedhika suggest Sahil to accept Nidhi's child's responsibility

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedhika suggest Sahil to accept Nidhi's child's responsibility

Zee TV's unique love story Aapke Aa Jane Se is up with some interesting twist with Nidhi's pregnancy.

It is seen that Nidhi is pregnant and claim Sahil to be her child's father to which, Vedhika suggests DNA test.

Shockingly, the reports turn in Nidhi's favor compelling Vedhika to make Sahil accept his responsibility as a father.

However, Sahil challenge that he would expose Nidhi's and if he is proven right than he would divorce Nidhi.

Further, Anjana accept Sahil's condition and also suggest that if Nidhi is true than Sahil would leave Vedhika forever and return back home.

Sahil vow to expose Nidhi's dirty face

Amid all the drama, Yash provokes Vedhika that Sahil is their business rival and she should not mix professional and personal.

Moreover, Yash decides to take advantage of the situation and create rift amid Sahil and Vedhika.

Stay tuned to know if Sahil will be able to find out the real father of Nidhi's child and expose her true face or not.

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