Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika tags herself dangerous for Sahil , decides to leave Sahil's life 

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika tags herself dangerous for Sahil , decides to leave Sahil's life 

The upcoming episode of Zee TV's popular daily soap Aapke Aa Jane Se is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.

Vedika and Gautam had their ugly fight to save Sahil, Gautam is adamant to kill Sahil to give pain to Vedika.

While Vedika takes kali avatar and fights against Gautam to save Vedika and rescues Sahil back.

Sahil and Vedika's love twist

Badi Amma tags Vedika as bad omen for Sahil and says that from the time she has come in Sahil's life his life is in trouble.

Vedika tags herself dangerous for Sahil and decides to go away from his life and takes decision to secretly leave Kanpur and not let Sahil know this.

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