Bepanaah: Aditya impressed seeing Zoya's dedication towards work

Bepanaah: Aditya impressed seeing Zoya's dedication towards work

In the upcoming episode of Colors popular show Bepanaah loyal viewers will get to witness shocking twist.

It was earlier seen that Aditya saves Zoya's life where he feels guilty for endanger her life.

Arjun requests Aditya to not punish Zoya for Yash and Pooja's mistake.

However, Zoya recovers from her critical state and gets back to work to fulfil her wedding assignment.

Aditya gets impressed seeing Zoya's hard work and her dedication to fulfil her responsibility they he put on her shoulders.

Unfortunately, the cage in which the Bella and Rohan were supposed to stand in was about of fall down on Zoya but at the ick of time Aditya will make his blasting entry pushing Zoya down.

Destiny hints of Aditya and Zoya made for each other

Aditya will fall on top of Zoya and the duo will be seen sharing an eye lock moment.

Is this the hint of destiny that Aditya is the one who is made for Zoya?

Let's wait and watch for the future and past story to unfold soon.

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