Bepanaah: Mahi major roadblock in Zoya's gaol achievement

Bepanaah: Mahi major roadblock in Zoya's gaol achievement

Colors popular show Bepanaah is going to showcase interesting twist and turn in the upcoming episode.

It was earlier seen that Aditya lands Zoya in tight spot where she gets only single day to make arrangements for Rohan Bella's mehendi ceremony.

However, Aditya complicates Zoya's life where by sending off the experienced employee's home and sends the new interns to assist Zoya.

Amid this, Mahi plays negative role in Zoya's life where she decides to ruin Zoya's life and shut down the company as soon as possible.

Zoya in Red Alert area Aditya's heroic entry

Due to Mahi's mistake, Zoya lands in Red Alert area where she is unaware that some guys where about to molest her.

Aditya reach there on time and rescues Zoya.

Will Zoya turn grateful towards Aditya?

Will Zoya get impressed with Aditya's gentleman attitude?

Let's wait and watch.

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