Bepanah: Zoya get big shock post reading Pooja’s original diary

Bepanah: Zoya get big shock post reading Pooja’s original diary

In the upcoming story of Bepanah, viewers will see some interesting twist and turns in the storyline where Zoya get big shock post reading Pooja's original diary.

So far we have seen that Zoya shows immense trust over Aditya where she rubbishes off the message of Aditya being Yash's murderer.

Soon in the upcoming episode, Zoya will get the original dairy which was written by Pooja in Hudda Mansion.

Zoya will get shocked reading the real dairy and will fall in big dilemma.

Zoya to get big shock of her life post reading Pooja's diary

It would be really interesting to see what was Yash and Pooja's real relation after reading the dairy.

Were Yash ad Pooja in love or were framed by some mysterious person?

Stay tuned for more updates of Bepanah.

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