Bepanah: Zoya start search to unfold mystery messenger's identity

Bepanah: Zoya start search to unfold mystery messenger's identity

In the upcoming story of Bepanah, viewers will see some interesting twist and turns where Zoya start search to unfold mystery messenger's identity.

So far we have seen that Zoya creates havoc in between muhdikhayi ceremony and she didn't realise what she had done.

Zoya finally recalls that this all happened because of juice she had drank and how she got out of control.

Zoya is scared to know that someone is keeping eye over her and Hooda house, Zoya now decides to not let this stalker harm Hooda family.

Zoya's search of truth

Zoya has a plan to search for this mystery stalker who knows everything about them and this search of Zoya will lead her to shocking truth.

Zoya will come to know that this all is planned by Anjana and she is playing this game.

Anjana will not stop here but will challenge Zoya to do whatever she can and threatens to ruin her and Aditya's relationship.

Stay tuned for more updates of Bepanah.

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