Haasil: Kabir provokes Aanchal to reveal her body

Haasil: Kabir provokes Aanchal to reveal her body

Sony Entertainment Television thriller cum romantic show Haasil is keeping loyal viewers hooked with interesting twist and turns along with hotness alert.

It’s seen that Aanchal Ranvir and Kabir turns friends and attend the party.

Kabir tries to get Aanchal drunk but Aanchal refuses to have alcohol and enjoys fruit juice.

Furthermore, Kabir tries to taunt Aanchal for being a simple girl and not be able to scuba diving where Aanchal flaunts her bikini avatar.

Kabir gets surprised seeing Aanchal in bikini and heads for Scuba diving with her.

Kabir lock lips with Aanchal

The duo enjoys their moment under water but Kabir purposely stops the oxygen supply.

Aanchal falls unconscious and thus Kabir takes advantage of this situation and lock lips with Aanchal.

Aanchal gets irked and shoves Kabir off.

Will Aanchal fall in love with Kabir who is pretending to be a good guy?

Let’s wait and watch.

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