Ikyawann 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update: chano tries to kill sushil.

Ikyawann 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update: chano tries to kill sushil.

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Mehul tells Bapu,that sushil wants to visit fare and he will go with her,Bapu says ok be with her,Leela learns about this. Mehul tells sushil about fare,sushil asks what about my sports shoes,Mehul says I couldn’t get your size after four days,sushil says but this one doesn’t fit me and throws the shoe,it was about to hit Bapu.

Mehul scolds sushil and asks her to be careful,Bapu gets angry and leaves,Mehul says today adjust with this tomorrow we will buy your sport shoes,now cmon cheer up,sushil smiles,Mehul says come let’s get ready and leave. At fare sushil having fun,kali and vijay are there too,sushil is being watched,Leela prays at temple and says today sushil will die and my oath will be fulfilled,Jiggi and Satya at fare,sushil comes there and takes the price she won but jiggi says it’s our and is followed by them,Mehul says sushil careful.suhsil sits in giant wheel with Chano ,she gives sushil later cotton candy and puts poison over it,Sushil along with her friends enjoying,but starts feeling giddy due to consuming the candy.

Leela says today my Kiran will have justice and god you are the witness and if I’m wrong save that girl,sushil faints,and the jumping jack over which she was playing falls over her,Mehul starts looking for sushil all over,Leela performing aarti,jiggi and Satya find the gift and think where must sushil be,kali says it’s late let’s go and leaves with them.

Mehul in tears and worried for sushil. Satya says ma I wanted to play,kali says see jiggi is asleep to go sleep,chano carrying sushil in a sack throws her from a slope,it rolls and falls over Kalis car and a truck goes over it,kali opens the sack and says it’s the same sack.

Few hours back,kali finds a sack near temple and finds sushil in it, she and her brother replace sushil with a doll and leave the sack and take sushil along with her.
Kali says bhaiya look someone wanted to kill her,bhaiya says we should leave quickly.at Parekh house everyone worried for sushil,and in search of her,they leaving to lodge a complain,door bell rings. Leela says Chano you have fulfilled my oath. Bhaiya gets sushil home. Leela says god look I found her and killed her,her red blood has given me peace,now my Kiran will be in peace,that Mehul must be dying in madness today,they must be thinking why did no women from their family is alive.

Bapu thanks bhaiya,bhaiya says my sister is doctor she has given her injection,sushil will be fine,do lodge a complain tomorrow and leaves, Bapu says god knows who is behind my girl,what bad did I do to anyone.leela says it’s the consequence they are facing to cheat my Kiran to reject my Kiran.

Sushil showing her performance to everyone in house,she feels shy and hugs Mehul. Bapu says cmon you two leave now,both leave,Mehul says good she forgot about yesterday,Bapu I did this so she could forget all this and there’s Janmashtami celebration in school,Bapu says good you did this and I’m going to police station.

Satya puts stool over stool, Jiggi from school calls Satya and says today I have made plans to take revenge from sushil,Satya says good going,let me concentrate on my matki now,Satya about to slip,vishi holds his hand and says be careful,it’s so risky,
Satya says vishi bhai you are there to save me,kali asks did you do your homework,Satya says yes ma,bhai helped me. Sushil shows her friend Nisha her outfit,teacher checking everyone’s clothes,jiggi slowly puts magazine inside Sushil’s clothes,but slips,sushil sees him but he runs,sushil shows her clothes and magazines falls,ma’am sees the magazine and says what nonsense is it it’s an adult magazine,Mehul and Bapu is called in school,sushil says it’s not mine, everyone starts blaming sushil over her height and culture, Mehul looses his clam and says it’s a mistake,she has nothing to do with this,her skirt is small because of her height,she is innocent,other parents say we don’t want to raise our kids with her,Mehul says I don’t want to raise my girl in such surrounding,you have little minds that decide ones character with her clothes,my daughter won’t study here.

Pre cap : Bapu says let’s shift Ahmedabad.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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