Ikyawann 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update:Vishu finds its Sejal as his bride

Ikyawann 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update:Vishu finds its Sejal as his bride

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Gulabo says Vishu calm down,your dadi has fixed this. Vishu says aunty Kali,Kali says I did talk to your dadi,Vishu says but I haven’t seen her,Leela walks in and says I have called her afternoon so meet her. Sushil says why am I asked to dress like Christmas tree,nitesh says may be Bapu called guests to see your trophy.sushil says what use but my trophy is stolen. Satya says so Vishu bhai,I won a trophy and today dadi will gift you one,Kali says Satya she will be your bhabhi show some respect,Leela says stop always scolding my child,Satya says yes see look at her.

Leela says she isn’t any less than a trophy for Vishu,even Satya will have a sweet bride soon,Satya says dadi I want a spicy girl,dadi says yes a very fair and sushil girl. Sushil serves guest tea,aunty says you are so beautiful,sushil says thank you,you are here to see my trophy but it’s been stolen,let me show you old one and leaves,aunty says we liked sushil,Mehul asks what,Bapu says yes for their son,Mehul says sorry I don’t want my daughter to get marry so soon,there’s cockroach on aunties saree,sushil points ta it and in that hurry,tea falls on her saree,she gets upset and says why did you call us,to insult us,anyways if you decide then inform us and leaves upset.

Leela and family asks Panditji for muhurat,Sejal beside Leela,Vishu trying to call Sejal,and he hears the ring down stairs,and is confused,Leela asks who is this calling you,Panditji says tomorrow is good muhurat for engagement.leela very happy and starts dancing,Satya gets Vishu down,Leela hugs him and says there’s your engagement tomorrow and points him at Sejal,Vishu says kuchku,Sejal takes Leela blessing and winks at Vishu,Satya confused and pulls Vishu at side and asks what is kuchku,and says oh is she your girlfriend lucky boy,Vishu says I didn’t know she is the one.

Sushil sitting alone and thinking about Dadaji asking everyone that she should get married,she sees a Barat,Mehul walks to her and asks what are you looking at,horse Barat or groom,sushil says no nothing I just thinking I want to be with you and help you,Mehul says I was here to talk about same thing,we have work tomorrow,Sushil says wow what will I have to do.

Mehul say stent decoration food everything you have to supervise. Satya Kiran and Vishu in a car,Kiran happy to see a camel,Mehul and sushil in a auto ahead of them,Kiran says I want new dress stop car,Satya says ok ok let me park,Satya stops car,and while doing so dashes Sushil’s auto,Mehul says ignore,sushil and Mehul get busy,Kiran gets off the car and sees Mehul and gets uneasy,and shows Satya and Vishu.

Satya says see dadi how is aunty Kiran looking,Kiran is still in shock,Satya and Vishu think that Kiran was pointing at a dress and buy that for her,Kiran stands get in the same dress in front of Leela,Satya says she was continuously pointing at this CSS,she is looking so pretty,Leela in tears says come to me my daughter take a seat and says Satya go get her water, I will bring medicine,gulabo walks in and says Satya why did you dress her like dadi,unaware that Leela is behind,Leela says what’s wrong,and if you open your mouth again I will cut your tongue now go make arrangements for tomorrow.

Sushil making arrangements and on calls says mapa all in control,Mehul says ok I have to go other location you manage all here and don’t loose calm.sushil is managing Vishus engagement.leela spits the sherbet and says this is very sweet I want mango juice,waiter says there where no good mangoes,Leela says look on this tree there are mangoes,and asks waiter to get it,sushil asks Sejals mother what’s wrong,she says she wants mango juice so all this,Leela asks chano to bend and climbs on her to pick mangoes,Sushil’s laughs over her.

Pre cap : Vishus engagement ring stolen,Leela calls sushil,Satya says you are right dadi,check her and all of her staff.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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