Ikyawann: Leela Devi rescue Susheel from death trap forgetting all rivalry

Ikyawann: Leela Devi rescue Susheel from death trap forgetting all rivalry

Star plus recently launched show Ikyawann has been witnessing tough time in Susheel and Satya’s love life.

The current track is revolving around Satya and Susheel’s wedding galore where some goons attack Susheel.

However, Susheel smartly fights them but eventually she gets trapped by the goons.

The devil goons kidnap Susheel where after they lock Susheel inside refrigerator.

Leela devi shower love on Susheel

Coincidently Leela Devi enters into store room where she sits on refrigerator.

Shockingly the refrigerator shakes and Leela Devi get in action to open the same.

The viewers will get to see Leela Devi shocking attitude as this time Leela will save Susheel and will shower love on her forgetting past rivalry.

It would be quite interesting to watch as who trapped Susheel.

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