Ikyawann: Leela's revenge game against Parekh family, Susheel  turns target

Ikyawann: Leela's revenge game against Parekh family, Susheel turns target

The upcoming episode of Star Plus newbie show Ikyawann is up for some interesting twist of tale.

Ikyawann is a new story of how a girl is raised up by her father and brothers and how she opt for boyish ways to do things.

Susheel thus has to face bullying because of her body type and over her attitude which seems the dominant part of society.

Susheel will now go to college where she will meet Satya and their tashan will begin.

Susheel and Satya's love story via tashan

Susheel and Satya's this tashan will turn love and thus the major truth will unveil how Leela planted all this to avenge against Parekh family.

Let's wait and watch for more drama to unfold in Susheel's life and how she will fight against all the bullying she face because of her body type and attitude.

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