Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 21st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi wakes up. She says why my head hurts. She comes downstairs and sees a funeral going on. She recalls deep shooting Prithvi. The funeral is of Sanaya. Arohi says where is Deep? Did police take him? Deep says Arohi I am here. What happened? Arohi says Prithvi is he still here? Prithvi comes there. He says what happened? Arohi says he is alive? Prithvi says what are you saying? Arohi says how is that possible? I saw with my eyes. Deep shot papa. How is he alive? Deep says what are you saying? I think you are not well. Arohi says how can he be alive. Deep says why would I shoot my dad? Maya says I think you saw a nightmare. Arohi says that was real. I found out papa killed Sanaya. Then you shot papa in a fight. I saw it all and then how can he be alive. Prithvi says what aare you saying. Maya says please don’t say all this Arohi. Dia saays nothing like that happened. You fainted for three days. Arohi says what are you saying. Arohi says this was about yesterday. Deep says you fainted for three days and now you are talking all this. Arohi says today is monday. Deep says today is Wednesday. You are not well. you need rest. Arohi says what is happening with me. Papa was here you shot him. It all happened in front of me. Prithvi says deep call doctor. She is not well. Arohi says I am not lying. DEep says you need rest. He takes her to room. He says what happened to you? Arohi says you sent me to Mumbai because papa wanted to kill me. Arohi says don’t you remember? Arohi says I found out papa killed Sanaya. I went to that PCO. I had those two bracelets. The one that Mosambi found in SAnaya’s room. He says this was my daadi’s. Deep says you need rest. Arohi says I am not lying. She says mosambi did you give me a bracelet? She says no I never gave you a bracelet. Deep says I know you are in a shock because of Sushant and Sanaya. Arohi says if this all was my dream then how you know Sushant lied to us? There is blood on the pot. Prithvi sits in front of it. Arohi says stay away from me. He wants to kill me. Deep says enough arohi he is my dad.

Arohi says I am going to that PCO guy. Hee will tell that he met me.
Sushant gets a paper in food. It ssays today you will be out of jail. Arohi meets the jeweler and PCO guy. They all deny that they met her. arohi says how is that possible. Deep says do you want to give more proofs? She says yes. Inspector Laksh. I met him after jewelry. He says Laksh is trying to get us trapped. He says lets ask those constables who were following me. She says please I want to ask them once. She goes out.

Constable says to Laksh do you think Deep’s family is fake? he says lets go and check.
Arohi is going out Laksh comes in. aaRohi says i was coming to you. Deep is worried.

Precap-Arohi says to Laksh I wanted to talk to you. deep says you are not well. Laksh says please tell me. Arohi says do you remember that bracelet thing?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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