Ishq Subhan Allah: Ruksar and Miraj shake hands to destroy Zara and Kabir's pure marriage relationship
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Ishq Subhan Allah: Ruksar and Miraj shake hands to destroy Zara and Kabir's pure marriage relationship

Ishq Subhan Allah have come a long way by portraying various characters and now its time for the entry of new member named Miraj.

Miraj is Kabir's uncle and well wisher but under the veil Miraj has come to take revenge from Kabir  for his enmity with Siraj years back.

Ruksar gets to know that Miraj has some ill intentions against Kabir and Zara's marriage and Ruksar does not waste a single moment to shake hands with Miraj.

Ruksar and Miraj deal to be partners in crime as in Miraj would ruin Kabir's business and put the blame on Zara and there will be clashes amidst Kabir and Zara.

Zara stops Kabir from taking too much loans from Miraj

Kabir in order to open his own project required money and got Miraj's support to invest in the project at right time.

Zara however eyes Ruksar along with Miraj and smells something fishy in the soup.

Will Zara be able to stop Kabir to fall prey of Ruksar and Miraj's joint evil venture?

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