Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara Kabir first Ramazan together

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara Kabir first Ramazan together

Zee TV's love story Ishq Subhan Allah is up with some high voltage drama and action.

The show will soon show Zara celebrating her first holy month of Ramazan with her in laws.

During this phase, Zara will be seen helping Ayesha with all the work and develop good bonding with the family.

However, there will be a huge twist when Zeenat's son, Amaan will fall unconscious and Zeenat will stop Zara from feeding him water.

Zara goodness earn her Zeenat's support

It will soon be revealed that Zeenat had made Amaan observe fast for Ramazan without informing family.

Thus, Zeenat will have to bear the wrath of family for torturing the little boy and making him sick.

However, Zara will turn into a peacemaker and restore peace with the family thus creating a soft corner in Zeenat's heart.

Keep tuned to see if this will lead to change in Zeenat's attitude and she will realize Zara's kind heart or not.

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