Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara's masterstroke a slap on Rukhsar's ugly face

Ishq Subhan Allah: Zara's masterstroke a slap on Rukhsar's ugly face

Ishq Subhan Allah is making viewers and fans dazed with its storyline of love, drama, revenge and much more family conspiracy melodrama.

Rukhsar and Zara's enmity is getting intense while Rukhsar is taking advantage of Zara and Kabir's fight.

Rukhsar gets overjoyed when she gets an opportunity to enter Kabir and Zara's bedroom and behind this trying to help Kabir.

But her enjoyment doesn't last for long as Zara comes and confront Rukhsar.

Zara's open challenge to Rukhsar

Zara is unable to digest Rukhsar's dirty tricks to get closer to Kabir,

Thus she confronts Rukhsar and warns her to stay away from Kabir and too from her bedroom.

Behind this Zara has also won Kabir's heart by convincing Sharia Board members for Kabir's dream project.

It would be very interesting to watch how Rukhsar will once again face drastic insult over her dirty deeds.

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