Kaliren: Vivaan's ex-girlfriend Poromita's mystery, Meera's new trouble 

Kaliren: Vivaan's ex-girlfriend Poromita's mystery, Meera's new trouble 

The upcoming episode of Zee TV's popular daily soap Kaliren is up for high voltage drama.

Meera had got new eyes from a donor and is too happy, Vivaan also rejoice this moment.

Meera and Vivaan explores their love and romance while this will cook up new trouble for Meera.

Meera starts to see weird things and sees Vivaan's ex-girlfriend Poromita and sees their romance.

Vivaan is shocked knowing that Meera is seeing Poromita and this will later decode Poromita's murder mystery.

Vivaan and Meera's new trouble

Vivaan and Meera will decode truth as how Poromita had been killed and will get her murderers punished.

Will this entry of Vivaan's past create conflict amid Meera and Vivaan.

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