Laado 2: Ammaji breathing dead body graved inside pit Rantej devil mastermind

Laado 2: Ammaji breathing dead body graved inside pit Rantej devil mastermind

The upcoming episode of Colors daily soap Laado 2 will show some eye catching twists and turns in the storyline.

As per the running track, Ammaji’s deteriorating health had left Anushka restless.

While there Police call Anushka and Yuvraj for inspection as they consider Ammaji and Balwant pre planned murder.

Anushka and Yuvraj both hide the truth from Police while here Rantej and his goon kidnap Ammaji from hospital.

Rantej traps Ammaji and Anushka

Yet again Anushka and Ammaji will get trapped by Rantej and his goons.

Rantej and his goon grave Ammaji inside deep pit while Anushka gets shattered when Rantej warns her.

Is Rantej manipulating Anushka to scare her?

Or Rantej’s devil mastermind had really graved Ammaji?

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