Laado 2: Anushka's slap warning for Shaurya , Shaurya's burst of anger 

Laado 2: Anushka's slap warning for Shaurya , Shaurya's burst of anger 

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Laado 2 is up for some interesting twist and drama.

Anushka was stuck amid goons and seeks Shaurya's help, Shaurya pretends to be not concerned but as goons misbehaves with Anushka Shaurya turns angry young man.

Shaurya beats goons and brings her back home, Anushka is impressed with Shaurya while Shaurya is ready to spark love.

Shaurya assumes Anushka's silence as yes for him and tries to increase closeness with kiss of love.

Shaurya's hatred game for Anushka

Anushka slaps Shaurya for trying to cross his limits and warns him, Anushka's this slap breaks Shaurya's heart.

Shaurya turns his love for Anushka aka Juhi into hatred, Shaurya is also broken as he couldn't see any love from Anushka's side.

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