Laado 2: Anushka's super duper idea flops Shagun's master plan

Laado 2: Anushka's super duper idea flops Shagun's master plan

In the upcoming episode of Colors popular show Laado 2 loyal viewers will get to witness interesting twist.

It was earlier seen that Anushka is the living the life of Juhi and has started to know what is correct and incorrect, also who is good and bad.

While the twist in tale is that Shagun wants Juhi to sign the property papers so that they can rule which will eventually turn trouble for Dadi.

Anushka thus comes up with master plan to break the glass on her hand so that she cannot sign the property papers.

Dadi bless Anushka for her intelligent move

Dadi thus gets glad and relieved with Anushka's this step and blesses Anushka for her bold step.

It would be really interesting to see what Shagun will plan against Anushka now.

Keep tuned for more updates.

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