Laado 2: Malhari manipulates Yuvraj physically disables Anushka

Laado 2: Malhari manipulates Yuvraj physically disables Anushka

The coming huger melodrama in Laado 2 is going to burst out shocking twist in the storyline.

Since Yuvraj married Anushka, Yuvraj and his family is threatening Anushka at hell and taking revenge from Ammaji.

Thereby Malhari leaves no stone unturned to create conflicts amid Yuvraj and Anushka.

Thus she burns Anushka's hand with press where after Anushka reveals the same to Yuvraj that how ruthelessly Malhari burnt her hand.

Yuvraj and Anushka hatred fumes intense

Yuvraj gets angry on Malhari but there Malhari manipulates the truth forth Yuvraj saying Anushka trapped her.

Yuvraj comes in her influence and in incensed anger he comes and hurts Anushka.

Yuvraj searches his file and hurts her hand inside cupboard while Anushka screams in pain.

The turning point in the sequence is when Yuvraj also hurts his hand with stapler pin and Anushka comes to heal his pain.

Yuvraj and Anushka's hatred is getting more intense while Malhari and family are creating conflicts amid them.

What will happen next is must wait and watch,

Till then stay tune to for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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