Laado 2: Malhari poisons Yuvraj view against Anushka clueless

Laado 2: Malhari poisons Yuvraj view against Anushka clueless

Colors daily soap Laado 2 has been showcasing double trouble time in Choudharys life since Yuvraj have become Choudharys head and Anushka entered into house.

The life of Choudhary family has turned into hell where Anushka is battling to take revenge from them.

At last but not the least Rantej devil truth got revealed to Yuvraj where after now Yuvraj has started trusting Anushka.

While this makes Malhari go mad as she can't see Yuvraj and Anushka coming close to each other.

Malhari devil plan against Anushka

Soon Malhari will hunt up to poison Yuvraj and Anushka lovey dovey relationship.

Malhari will manipulate Yuvraj mind against Anushka while now it would be quite interesting to watch if Yuvraj could ever come to know about Malhari devil intention.

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