Laado 2: Meera took big step for self respect against devil Rantej

Laado 2: Meera took big step for self respect against devil Rantej

Colors daily soap Laado 2 has dug in the biggest twist in the show which will surely make viewers hook to the show.

It was earlier seen that how Rantej bribes a man to get Meera intimate to him.

However, his greedy and crap move flops as Anushka comes on time to save Meera.

Thereby now Meera had understood that Rantej is the devil person who can never love her and respect her.

Thus Meera decides to leave Rantej and his family and Veerpur forever.

Anushka turns Meera support system

Anushka has become the life support system for Meera.

While Meera leaves house, Rantej again forces self on Meera to stop Meera.

Shockingly this time Rantej cannot stop Meera as Anushka plans to free Meera from Rantej clutches by divorcing their marital relation.

Let see how the story will unveil this biggest twist in the show.

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