Laado 2: Yuvraj and Anushka's deadly end, Malhari's evil victory 

Laado 2: Yuvraj and Anushka's deadly end, Malhari's evil victory 

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Laado 2 is up for major drama and leap twist.

Malhari is outrageous as Yuvraj is also against Rantej and her after finding truth and thus decides to not let Yuvraj spoil their game.

Malhari plans to kill Anushka and uses villagers for it as they considers Anushka as chudail and tries to throw her out of Veerpur.

Yuvraj and Anushka's the end by Malhari 

Yuvraj comes to save Anushka but Malhari will kill Yuvraj and Rantej leaves no opportunity to stab Yuvraj to death.

Anushka is shattered but Yuvraj asks Anushka to runaway, but Malhari will turn victorious here.

Malhari will push Anushka from cliff and will end her life, stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes only on

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