Laado Veerpur Ki Mardani: Yuvraj’s romantic advances make Anushka gather courage

Laado Veerpur Ki Mardani: Yuvraj’s romantic advances make Anushka gather courage

Colors popular show Laado 2 Veerpur Ki Mardani is gearing up for major turning point on the show.

It was earlier seen that Anushka get tormented ruthlessly by Yuvraj and his entire family members.

Adding more to this, Yuvraj and his entire family makes Anushka work like servant.

Furthermore, Anushka gets new cook challenge to cook food in one hour and to serve the same for the entire family.

Anushka starts off with her mission cooking while Yuvraj cannot see Anushka winning this task and will be seen making romantic advances just to ruin her task secretly.

Guilt struck Yuvraj turns love struck for Anushka

Anushka thus gathers courage and gets determined to win the task.

Yuvraj gets shocked while the entire family praises Anushka’s handmade food.

On a good note, post this Yuvraj will start seeing good qualities in Anushka and will also realise true love feelings for Anushka.

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