Zindagi Ki Mehek 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Ki Mehek 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 21st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TvSerialUpdates.blog

Scene 1
Vicky comes with orphan kids to WC and Archie arrange some games for them. Shaurya sends a message to Kanta and asks her if she knows where Mahek is. Kanta waits in lane to keep an eye on Mahek’s house. Neev sees Kanta and comes to her. Neev says how I look? Kanta says where good. Where are you going? He says I don’t know we are all going. Kanta tells Shaurya that they are doing. Kanta sees Mahek and follows them. Mangalsutra falls from Mandhar’s pocket and KAanta sees it. She is dazed.
Kanta calls Shaurya but Archie is keeping him busy. His phone keeps ringing but he doesn’t know. Archie turns his phone off.

Archie’s dad says for how long will you stop Shaurya? I don’t understand your plan. Mahek will recall everything. Archie says sometimes I feel like I can’t be your daughter. I am so smart. You are so dumb. Once Mandhar makes Mahek pregnant she will consider him her husband forever. Once she become mother of his child. Shaurya will never be able to accept her even if she recalls who she is.

Mahek comes in Mandap. She sees flash backs. Neev says you look so good mama. Come fast. Shaurya is worried. Kanta comes running to Shaureya. SHe says why is your phone? He says my battery died. He says I will not leave him. I am going. Archie says call police. He is a criminal type. Karuna says are you mad. You won’t go there. Shaurya says I will stop that wedding even if I have to burn that place. Mahek and Mandhar are getting married.
Shaurya is on his way. Vicky traces Mandhar’s location. Kanta and Archie are with them as well. Kanta says why you look worried Archie?

Neev wonders why are there no guests in the wedding? Let me call hero and ask him to bring some guests. Neev calls Shaurya. Archie picks his phone. She hears its Neev. she hang up and turns his phone off.
Vicky tells the location. Shaurya says where are we going? Archie says this neev will ruin my plan.
Shaurya and Vicky see the temple.
Julie ties Mahek and Mandhar’s knot. Mandhar says hurry up. They come to a location but Mandhar isn’t therre. Shaurya says he left his phone here so we reach at the wroong place. No one is here. Archie says calm down. We can’t find them. Its impossible. Shaurya says I will find Mahek and I will kill that Mandhar. He hits his hand on the wall. Kanta says stop Shaurya. Archie says burn more Shaurya. I will fix you and you will be mine. A man comes and says why are you making noise here? Vicky says did someone come here for wedding? He says no. Shaurya says can you give us CCTV footage? He says everyone has gone out of Dehli I can’t show you the video. Shaurya runs out. Vicky says listen. Kanta says in heart can’t let Shaurya break like this. I have to do something.

Mandhar says to pandit hurry up. Do it fast. Pandit says it can’t go with your speed. He says to Mahek my jaan can’t control anymore. After this we will do the real thing, our wedding night. Mahek is dazed.

Mandhr holds Mahek’s hand. She feels weird. She says in heart why do I feel so weird. Why I feel so suffocated? Maybe because I don’t remember anything.
Shaurya is distressed. Vicky says don’t worry lets look around in other temples.
Neev says let me send photo to hero. Julie asks him to sit down. Shaurya receives the photo. He is dazed. Vicky says what happened? He looks in the phone. He says Mandhar is marrying Mahek. I will kill him.

Precap-Mandhar takes rounds with Mahek. Shaurya comes there on bike and hits Mandhar. He holds Mahek’s hand and makes her sit on his bike.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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