Ikyawann: Mehul  and Susheel Parekh  family migrating to Mumbai post facing deadly calamity

Ikyawann: Mehul and Susheel Parekh family migrating to Mumbai post facing deadly calamity

Star plus new show Ikyawann seems to recite a unique TV Serial over its wrenching concept of family life where only girl child is left.

So far we see that Leela takes revenge from Mehul and family for the reason they refused to accept their daughter.

Leela destroyed Parekh’s presence from world as she killed all the females’ of Parekh family but luckily Mehul’s wife saved Ikyawann child of Parekh family.

Unfortunately she also dies giving birth to Susheel, a girl child of Parekh family.

Parekh family move on in life

The most heart wrenching moment made everyone cry when Parekh’s family got ruined.

After everything is finished Mehul and Baake Parekh decide to migrate and they come to city for living their rest life concerning Susheel.

Will Leela forgive Parekh or she will come back to kill Parekh’s daughter Susheel?

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