Naamkaran: Neil Avni ‘s hate plus love drama with Neil devdas twist

Naamkaran: Neil Avni ‘s hate plus love drama with Neil devdas twist

Star Plus' most popular show Naamkaran is up for more exciting twists and turns in show.

As per latest track of the show it was seen that Avni and Neil's hate track is creating much drama.

While fans are expecting the couple to eventually work out their relation, then you guys will get big shock when Neil will get close to Avni in his drunken drama.

However where further Avni will feel sorry forth Neil while Neil's angry man avatar will turn hurdle.

Avni Neil closeness with Neil drunken drama

Where further upcoming track of the show will showcase much drama where Neil and Avni will get close to each other,

While Neil's devdas drama will again create hate in Neil's heart.

Will Neil able to forgive Avni?

Will Neil and Avni get united again?

It would be interesting to see what will happen next in Naamkaran.

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