Naamkaran: Neil's hatred for Avni finally melts down

Naamkaran: Neil's hatred for Avni finally melts down

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus show Naamkaran loyal viewers will get to see interesting twist.

It was earlier seen that Neil has not forgiven Avni although he loves her immensely.

Even though Avni apologised before Neil, Neil stood firm on his decision that he hates Avni for her cheat.

In the episode to come, Avni will get attacked by few goons where she will be seen injured.

Neil will bring her back home safe but once again Avni's finger will get cut.

Neil and Avni's union might mark the end of show

Seeing Avni in pain, Neil will immediately rush towards Avni and suck her finger.

Neil's this lip kiss shows great affection for Avni and he fails to hide his anger.

Will Neil finally forgive Avni and accept her back in his life?

Is this the end of Neil and Avni's love story?

Let's wait and watch.

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