Nazar: Ansh will get to know that Ruby is not a Devik but a Daayan

Nazar: Ansh will get to know that Ruby is not a Devik but a Daayan

In the upcoming story of Nazar, viewers will see some interesting twist where Ansh will get to know that Ruby is not a Devik but a Daayan.

So far we have seen that Mohana and Ruby succeed in making Ansh Daavansh but Vedeshree smartly flops their plan.

But before Vedeshree could fully save Ansh, Mohana turns Vedeshree to statue while this leaves Ansh shattered.

Before turning into statue, Vedeshree asks Ansh to bring Devik while now Ansh will take Ruby to Vedeshree but will face a shocking reality.

Ansh determines to save his Maa

Daayan Ruby's fake devik sticker gets peel out shocking Ansh,

While now Ansh realizes that Ruby is not Devik but she is actually a Daayan, Ansh will fight back Ruby and now will hunt for Piya.

It would be quite interesting to watch how Ansh will bring Piya back to save his Maa.

Stay tuned for more updates of Nazar.

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