Nazar: Piya's Grah Pravesh in Rathore Mansion Ansh Piya face off over reality

Nazar: Piya's Grah Pravesh in Rathore Mansion Ansh Piya face off over reality

Upcoming thriller fight between Ansh (Harsh Rajput) and Naman (Amir S Khan) will crack an exciting twist in Star Plus supernatural series Nazar.

Earlier seen that how Ansh tracks down Piya and makes his blasting entry in her wedding mandap.

Naman gets scared of losing Piya when Ansh fights back Naman and his goons and defeats them drastically.

While Piya is troubled seeing Ansh Daavansh avatar, Ansh asks Piya to come with him as Vedeshree needs her.

Ansh and Piya finally rescue Vedeshree

Naman is not ready to accept his defeat that finally Ansh will bring Piya with him to Rathore Mansion to save Vedeshree.

It would be highly intense t watch Mohana and Ruby's reaction seeing Devik Piya with Ansh.

What will happen next in Ansh and Piya's life?

Tune in to for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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