Piya Albela 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja gets arrested for attempt to murder

Piya Albela 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pooja gets arrested for attempt to murder

Piya Albela 16th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TVserialUpdates.blog

The Episode starts with Neelima switching off the lights when Mr. kapoor and Pooja aiming at each other. The bullet is shot. Pooja and Naren are safe. Mr. kapoor gets injured.

Inspector comes there and asks Constable to take Mr. kapoor to hospital. Harish says it was an accident and tells that Mr. Kapoor pointed gun at Naren first. Naren asks Pooja not to tell anything. Inspector says they have to arrest Naren. Pooja says she shot Mr. Kapoor and asks him to arrest her. Inspector says he saw Naren with the gun and arrests him. Pooja hugs naren and cries. Saiyya re plays…She hugs him tightly. Naaren pushes her and goes with Police.

Rahul takes Surbhi with him. Surbhi says she wants to kill Pooja and tells that he is behind bars because of her. Rahul asks her to leave Naren and think about herself. He asks Surbhi to get room booked in hotel for her.

Pooja comes to the police station. Satish comes to the police station. Pooja tells Mama. Harish comes and tells that he has hired best lawyer and Naren will be freed. Lawyer meets Naren and asks him to give statement. Naren asks him to get him punished for murder and says you will get 10 times more fees. Lawyer comes out and tells everyone that Naren wants to get punished as if he is hiding someone’s crime. Doctor takes out bullet from Mr. kapoor’s body and says he is under observation. Rahul comes there to kill him. Pooja keeps gun on her head and asks Inspector to let her meet Naren. Naren is brought there. She tells Inspector that she shot Mr. Kapoor as Naren have pain in his right hand and can’t shoot. She asks him to aim. Naren couldn’t shoot with his right hand and is in pain.

Pooja tells Inspector that she shot Mr. Kapoor and wants to talk to Naren for sometime. She tells Naren that she wants to ask him something and says when she got his love, she got everything and it completes her life. She asks him not to take blame on himself and asks him to just gift this thing to her. Naren says he will not let her be in jail. Jogiya plays.

Pooja stays in the lock up. Naren tells harish that he will not let pooja stay in jail. Rahul comes to Mr. Kapoor’s ward and tries to make him wear polythene to kill him. Mr. kapoor opens his eyes and holds his hand, and tries to suffocate him with wire. Rahul gets shocked. Surbhi calls Rahul. Mr. Kapoor picks the call and put it on loudspeaker. Surbhi asks if he killed Mr. kapoor and tells that pooja is in lockup. Mr. Kapoor is shocked. Rahul tells Surbhi that she called at wrong time.

Naren comes to the Police station and gets angry on a constable when he refuses to let him take ring for pooja. Inspector asks him to relax else he will cancel permission to meet Pooja. Naren comes to her. Pooja asks why is he upset? Naren says he brought gift for you, but they didn’t let him take inside. Pooja says you came here and it is the biggest gift for me. She asks what did you bring? Naren says engagement ring and says he wants to make right hands wear it. Pooja says you will make me wear ring. He makes her wear ring. Oh re piya plays….

Rahul befriends with Mr. Kapoor and asks him to give him time till evening and says Pooja will be with you and Naren will be dead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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