Piya Albela 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Rahul poisons Supriya to stop Naren-Pooja’s wedding

Piya Albela 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Rahul poisons Supriya to stop Naren-Pooja’s wedding

Piya Albela 22nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TvSerialUpdates.blog

The Episode starts with Pooja going to the shopping. Surbhi acts good and says she also wants to come for shopping. Pooja says she is not fool to believe her and tells her that the missed calls on her phone is because of Mayank. They leave. Rahul takes Surbhi to room and pushes her on bed. He asks her to calm down on her anger and tells that Mr. Kapoor is with them. Surbhi says her parents have disowned her because of Pooja and she can’t tolerate her. Neelima is angry. Hardik tells Neelima that Harish and Supriya forgave Rahul and Surbhi and asks her to be happy in their happiness. Neelima gets irked. Harsha asks Mayank to take mehendi for Naren. He asks if grooms applies mehendi. Neelima says Hardik had sported heavy design on his hand when they got married. Pooja comes there and gives compliment to Supriya. Harsha says lets do the puja. Surbhi says I will bring mehendi bowl and asks her to let her be the part of her jethani marriage. She brings the bowl and make it fall. Supriya gets scared. Pooja asks what happened? Supriya asks Pooja if something inauspicious happened in her haldi.

Harsha says good things will happen with Maa’s blessings. Neelima says it is scary. Pooja takes Surbhi to side and slaps her hard. She says your family left you and now you will not stay in your sasural too. Naren asks Supriya what happened. Supriya says shagun mehendi fell down. Naren says your bahu will get shagun mehendi and keeps his mehendi hands on her hand. Rang De mohe lal plays…Supriya blesses them. Neelima says saas ho toh aisi. Surbhi comes to her room and gets angry. Rakesh says so much anger and holds her mouth. Surbhi asks how did you come out of jail? Rakesh says he escaped from there and tells that if he goes back to jail then will take her too. Surbhi asks what do you want from me. Rakesh says you have time till morning and asks her to do his work. She asks what?

Pooja thinks about Supriya’s blessing. Naren comes and hold her closely. He jokes with her. Pooja gets upset and then smiles. She gets Anuj’s call. Naren asks her to talk to him. Rahul talks to Mr. Kapoor on phone and then comes to Supriya’s room, adds poison in her water. She gets cough and wakes up.

Pooja tells Naren that it was a misunderstanding. Naren says Anuj is also equally responsible and asks her not to worry and have good relation with Anuj. Doctor checks Supriya. They wonder how marriage will happen now. Supriya says marriage shall happen on time. Surbhi gives fake passport to Rakesh and says now he can go freely. She asks him to kill pooja before going.

Precap: Pooja comes to temple and asks God to make Supriya fine. Rakesh is about to shoot her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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