Piya Albela: Mr. Kapoor and Naren  love bloomed, Mr. Kapoor chapter closed

Piya Albela: Mr. Kapoor and Naren love bloomed, Mr. Kapoor chapter closed

Zee TV's most popular and daily soap Piya Albela is up for some high voltage drama and some exciting twists in upcoming track.

As per ongoing track, Naren has also confessed his love forth Pooja where Pooja gets mesmerized with Naren’s immortal love.

On other hand, Mr. Kapoor loves Pooja where amid their heated argument Pooja accidently shot Mr. Kapoor leading to his death.

Naren- Pooja love story with exciting turns

In upcoming track, Naren will decide to marry with Pooja again forgetting all dramas.

But again their past conflict will arise and will turn out to be hurdle in their blooming relationship.

Will Naren and Pooja tie knots of marriage forgetting all past conflicts?

What turn this love story will take?

It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show?

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