Porus: Alexander The Great new chapter of life begun in Epirus with Olympias

Porus: Alexander The Great new chapter of life begun in Epirus with Olympias

Sony TV fantasy historical melodrama Porus has kept viewers hook to the show since Puru have entered into Paurav Kingdom.

While now Puru have met his real family, father King Bamni and Mother Paurav Queen Anusuya,

Apart from this, there Alexander has temporarily left his hometown Macedonia with his mother Olympias.

Interestingly now the story unveil Epirus storyline which is Olympias hometown.

Alexander mission to avenge Philip

Alexander moves to Epirus with his friend and Olympias.

While from here Alexander will begin new life in Epirus beginning his struggle to become more powerful warrior of World.

Let's see how Alexander will take revenge from his father Philip.

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