Porus: Darius dream to rule Bharat demolished by Anusuya Bamni took big step

Porus: Darius dream to rule Bharat demolished by Anusuya Bamni took big step

Sony TV Fantasy show Porus has been witnessing a very interesting and exciting story track.

The avid Fans and the viewers of the show will get to see Anusuya unveiling Darius evil identity forth King Bamni.

King Bamni will confront Darius when Anusuya will unfold past where Dairus instigated all war and battle amid Ambhiraj and Shivdutt and used Shivdutt to acquire Paurav Kingdom.

Bamni ends Darius dirty game

King Bamni eventually ends up taking big step against Darius where he throws Darius out from paurav Rashtra.

Darius day dream to rule Paurav Rashtra and Bharat is finally demolished by Anusuya while now it would be thrill to watch as what will be Darius next mission.

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