Porus: Darius takes opportunity to use son Porus against father Bamni

Porus: Darius takes opportunity to use son Porus against father Bamni

The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Porus is going to take ugly turn.

Porus defeats Farsi's and Darius, Darius is irked seeing Bamni winning again and also learns about Porus's relationship with Bamni.

Darius was the mastermind of game Shivdutt played with Anusuya and Bamni and Shivdutt's attempt to kill Porus.

While now Darius cooks up another conspiracy to use son Porus against his own father Bamni and instigates Porus.

Darius and Porus's deal against Bamni

Darius suggest Porus to join his troop and kill Bamni to take revenge of pain his mother Anusuya had to bear because of Bamni.

Porus was enraged for a moment and then calms himself down and decodes Darius ugly attempts, what will Porus do now to end Darius evil game.

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