Porus: Porus huge sacrifice for Pritha Maa saving Hasti life

Porus: Porus huge sacrifice for Pritha Maa saving Hasti life

The traumatizing twists and turns in the daily soap of Sony Entertainment Television, Porus is keeping viewers hook.

That now the story had unveiled the high voltage twist where Porus is getting death penalty.

Hasti attempts to kill Prince Kanishk while Porus catches Hasti red handed and moves to King Bamni to get Kanishk punished.

But Pritha comes and asks Porus to kill Hasti himself as what Hasti did is because of him.

Porus is left heartbroken hearing Pritha Maa words while Pritha gets emotional and reveals that how because of Porus, her family aka Ripu Daman had to leave Paurav Kingdom.

She unveils that how they had to live like thieves in Dasyu Kingdom leaving all comfort just to save Porus from enemies.

Thus Porus decides to save Hasti from punishment and take all blame on himself.

Porus life in major dilemma

Shockingly Porus accepts forth Bamni that he tried to kill Kanishk not Hasti.

Bamni and Anusuya are hell shock while Bamni heavy heartedly give death penalty to Porus as per rules and regulations of Paurav Rashtra.

Will Porus die sacrificing his life for Hasti and his foster mother Pritha Maa?

Or any miracle will save his life?

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