Porus: Porus masterstroke kicking Persians out from India

Porus: Porus masterstroke kicking Persians out from India

One of the most admired TV Serial Porus has been showcasing major clash amid Persians and Porus.

Although Porus catches Farus red handed and brings him to Paurav Kingdom to expose Darius and Persians.

Eventually King Bamni believes Darius instead Porus.

While now Porus also lies to King Bamni and saves Farus from King Bamni punishment.

Porus challenges Darius

Porus finally confesses that King Bamni will never believe him and Darius will never let Bamni believe him.

Thus Porus ends up knitting big plot to trap Darius and his team Persians and challenges Darius that he will himself make Persians leave Paurav Rashtra,

Let see if Porus will get success in his mission.

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