Porus: Porus saves Anusuya declares open challenge to Bamni left perplexed

Porus: Porus saves Anusuya declares open challenge to Bamni left perplexed

Sony Entertainment Television most awaited TV Serial Porus has been putting forth eye catching twists and turns in the storyline.

The curren track is all the more revolving around Porus struggle to save Anusuya from devil Darius and Shivdutt.

However, things take ugly shape as Porus gets trapped while saving Anusuya but later on his brave move defeats Shivdutt and Darius.

Eventually Porus saves Anusuya where after he comes to confront King Bamni.

King Bamni and Porus fiercely face off

The story is getting complicated as Porus has yet not learned about his blood relation with Anusuya,

While he saves Anusuya from Darius and Shivdutt evil clutches, he is stuck in dilemma as why they all are behind Anusuya and why they are interested in her.

Porus bursts his anger on King Bamni as his soldier and Shivdutt, Darius are trapping innocent lady Anusuya while she did nothing wrong.

It would be highly intense to watch as what will be Bamni reaction post seeing Anusuya and Porus together.

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