Porus: Anusuya teary eyed accepting Puru stabs Bamni to death

Porus: Anusuya teary eyed accepting Puru stabs Bamni to death

Sony Entertainment fantasy drama Porus is looking forward to show some eye catching twists and turns in the show.

In the upcoming episode the viewers will get to see Porus and Bamni face off amid battlefield.

However, the duos are fighting to chase each other in revenge.

There Ripu Daman, Anusuya and Laachi walk off to stop their fight.

Apparently Shivdutt tries his best to stop Anusuya from reaching battlefield but Anusuya lastly reaches there.

Porus and Anusuya teary milan

The viewers will get dazed as Anusuya will finally meet Puru where she will hug Puru telling him that she is his mother.

Interestingly Puru will accept Anusuya but before Anusuya could justify Bamni innocense, Puru will walk off to stab Bamni to death.

Will Bamni die? Or Anusuya will save Bamni fro Puru attack?

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