Porus Upcoming Twist: Puru huge mayajaal left Darius kneel down facing insult

Porus Upcoming Twist: Puru huge mayajaal left Darius kneel down facing insult

Sony TV Entertainment Television daily soap Porus is keeping viewers hook to the show as per its unique storyline.

The show is all the more recreating history forth viewers which made viewers more excited.

In the upcoming track the viewers will get to see Puru plotting huge mayajaal to trap Persians and make Persians leave Paurav Kingdom.

Darius irked plans death for Puru

Darius is all left irked since Puru made Darius bend down before Anusuya.

However, Puru too insulted Darius forth Anusuya and King Bamni but yet he is plotting one huger mayajaal to make him leave Paurav Kingdom.

Let see if Puru will get success in his mission.

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