Sasural Simar Ka 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Roshni warns Anjali and determines to expose her

Sasural Simar Ka 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Roshni warns Anjali and determines to expose her

Sasural Simar Ka 16th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mata ji scolding Roshni for blaming Anjali and says no responsible person will do such a mistake. I feel you are not capable to take care of Bharadhwaj household and asks her to return the keys. Simar thinks Mata Rani, what is happening in my house. Roshni cries and gives the keys to Mata ji. Anjali thinks Roshni has lost keys and Piyush’s trust too and gets happy. Roshni reminds Mata ji of her words and says it is not necessary that whatever is seen is right. She says today she has no proofs, but that doesn’t mean that she is wrong. She says these are your words. Simar asks her to stop it and says you did a mistake when Doctor’s assistant came to meet anjali. She asks her to apologize to Mata ji.

Roshni says I did a mistake and that’s why apologized. She tells that if she did mistake once that doesn’t mean that she can do mistake again and again. She tells Anjali that this thing haven’t ended here and asks her to be careful while doing wrong and says my eyes will be on you from now on. Everyone is shocked. Anjali pretends to cry. Prem says why she is not accepting her mistake. Mata ji thinks if Pari is behind Roshni’s behavior.

Anjali folds her hand and cries. Mata ji asks her not to cry and says we all are with you. She asks her to rest and take care. Simar tells Mata ji that she is very worried about Piyush and Roshni’s relation and asks Goddess to protect her family. Roshni is in the room. Piyush comes there and closes the door. He asks what she wants to proofs. He says I used to compare you with maa, and thought you are my strength, but you became my weakness. He says he don’t hope this from her. Roshni says even I don’t hope this from you. She asks him what is her motive and says she really saw someone in the room and says she will prove the truth. Piyush says he will go against her to protect Anjali. Roshni thinks how to make you belief that whatever I am doing is right.

Sanjana tries to open the cupboard. She pulls the cupboard door and the trolley kept on it is about to fall on her. Sameer saves her. They fall on ground. Sanjana thinks I don’t want to lose you. Sameer keeps the trolley back. Anjali looks at them and gets jealous. Sanjana feels pain in her hand. Sameer keeps the ointment there and goes out of room. Anjali comes to Sameer and says she made soup for them. She tells him that Sanjana is happy like before. Sameer thinks this thing is bothering him. Anjali asks him to tell what happened and says environment was romantic there. Sameer takes soup from her hand and takes to room. Anjali smiles. Sanjana sees Sameer bringing soup and asks if he brought it.

Sameer throws the soup on floor and asks her not to take his name from her mouth. Sanjana cries and runs out of room. A sad song plays…They reminisces the moments and cry. Simar tells mata ji that she doesn’t know why Roshni is so sure that Anjali is behind the theft. Mata ji says she doubts Pari is behind this thing and says she will warn her. Simar stops her and says if Pari have done this then she will not accept if we ask, as we have no proofs. She says we have to find out why Roshni is doubting on Anjali and says she is worried about Piyush and Roshni. Mata ji says we shall leave everything on mata rani. Simar says jai mata di.

Piyush is sitting alone. Roshni comes to room. He turns his face and rests on bed. Sad song plays….khamakha bewajaa….roshni also rests on bed. Sanjana finds an envelope on the door and thinks who have kept it here. She opens it and finds herself sleeping with the man hired by Anjali. She gets shocked.

Sameer thinks why did Sanjana haven’t come till now. He comes out of room and sees Sanjana burning the pics. Sanjana is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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