Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana thinking to tell Sameer everything. She gets Anjali’s goon call and picks it. He asks why you are after me. He asks her to give him 2 lakhs rs. Sanjana says she don’t have 2 lakhs rs. Goon says I am not asking you, but ordering you else I will come to your house with our romantic pics of that night. Sanjana says if you don’t come even now. He says you don’t have any option left now. Sanjana thinks what to do and decides to agree to his sayings. She takes her purse and gets some cash in it. She then leaves. Sameer wakes up hearing the door sound and thinks Sanjana left without telling me the truth. He opens the door and is about to collide with Anjali. She says she was about to knock the door and asks where is Sanju. Sameer gets angry. Anjali requests him to take her for Doctor’s appointment. Sameer asks her to give him 2 mins. Anjali smirks.

Sameer and Anjali are in the car. Anjali plays music. Song plays mere haath me. She says it is Sanjana and yours favorite song. He recalls their romantic moments and smiles. Anjali asks where is he lost? Sameer says he is having headache and switches off radio. Anjali tells him that Sanjana is hugging someone on the road. Sameer sees Sanjana hugging the guy. Sanjana asks him not to touch him and gives him 2 lakhs rs.

Mata ji says Sanjana again left without informing anyone. Pari says she is hiding big from us. Simar asks her not to accuse Sanjana. Piyush says her phone is not reachable. Pari says I know.

Mata ji says this is not right. Roshni says Sanjana told me before going and says she went to temple. She says may be there is bad network there and she must be coming. Simar feels Roshni is lying to them. Anjali asks Sameer why he didn’t stop the car and says we would have accompanied her too. She calls Sanjana and asks who is that guy, whom you was hugging. Sanjana says I will tell you everything. Sameer says he don’t want to listen and asks Anjali to end the call. Sanjana cries. Anjali asks him to relax and says they shall talk after going home. Sanjana thinks why this is happening with her and decides to tell him truth. She sits in car and drives it. Simar comes to Roshni and asks her to tell truth. She says I have taken care of you since your childhood and asks her to tell.

Roshni says I didn’t know where is she? Just then Sanjana comes home. Anjali and Sameer also come there. Sameer goes to room angrily. Mata ji asks what happened between Sameer and you? She asks if their fight haven’t ended. Sanjana says there is nothing. Mata ji says it was good that we came to know about this, as we were about to give you locker keys, and says until you handle your relation with Sameer, I will not give you keys and asks her to talk to Sameer. Sanjana comes to room and asks him to listen to her.

Sameer says my anger will not calm. He says you have betrayed me. Everyone hear them as they talk loudly. Sanjana asks him to ask Anjali and says she knows everything. Sameer says I have seen and understand, and brushes off her hand and she falls on bed. Mata ji and others come there and question Sameer. Sameer says today you all will be ashamed hearing this and tells that Sanjana is having an affair with a stranger. Sanjana says it is a misunderstanding. Sameer asks her to tell truth to everyone. Simar says Sanju will get scared if you talk like this and says I thought you both love and trust her. Sameer says I loved her very much, but I have something. Mata ji asks what? Sameer says he saw Sanjana coming out of stranger’s room. Piyush holds Sameer’s collar and says may be it was a misunderstanding. Sameer says he saw her with the same man today and has an eye witness today, and she is Anjali. Sanjana is shocked and looks at Anjali crying.

Roshni blames Anjali for creating misunderstanding between Sanjana and Sameer. Anjali acts, cries and says Sanjana is my sister. Piyush scolds Anjali. Mata ji asks Roshni if her intention is bad. Roshni decides to leave the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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