Savitri Devi 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Savitri telling Veer that she supported Jaya and Sanchi as they were right and tells that Dr. Malhotra had done bad with them. Veer rests on her lap and tells that Sanchi is the girl whom he loves and tells that he has lost her. He tells that he has insulted her and had not trusted her, she will never forgive him. Savitri says if he apologizes with true heart then she will surely forgive you. She asks him to go. Sanchi is in the house and thinking what to do, to make her father get justice. Veer knocks on the door. She opens the door and finds him sitting on his knees. She tries to close the door. Veer pushes the door and opens it. He tells her that his stupid heart loves her a lot and asks her to return to him. He holds his ears. He says Maa said that if two people loves each other truly then no misunderstanding can separate them.

Sanchi asks him not to do this and says she don’t care about him now, asks him to leave. She closes door on his face and cries. Veer also cries sitting at the other side of door. He says I was always wrong and immature, but you was with me to take the right decision and asks for her support to rectify his mistakes. He sees the window open and tells her to forgive him. She closes the window and his hand get stuck and injured. He shouts in pain. Sanchi gets worried and tells that she will bring first aid box.

Veer thinks he can’t go inside until Sanchi or Jaya permits him. She bandages his hand. Veer asks can we…Sanchi gets up and says there will be nothing between us. Veer asks for a chance to make everything fine. Sanchi refuses to give him a chance, and says she can’t forgive him. She asks him to go. Veer says until you forgive me, I will not go from here. Sanchi says it doesn’t matter to me, as I told my decision. She closes the door again and sees Jaya standing.

Later in the night, Jaya sees Veer standing out while it is raining heavily. She reminisces his childhood incident when he used to apologize to her saying sorry. She comes to Sanchi and asks how can you let Veer’s wound be open and says his bandage is opened. She says she is opening door and asks her to bandage his hand. Sanchi refuses and asks her not to do this, but Jaya goes and calls Veer inside.

Veer recalls accusing Jaya and says sorry. Jaya says you don’t need to apologize. She says I know that you loves Sanchi and I care for your love, but I also respect my daughter’s decision. She says I have no objection with Sanchi and your alliance. She asks him to drink tea and says I always thought that you will be with Sanchi always, but you were the first person to accuse her and to get her kicked out from hospital. It was her dream to become doctor and you have broken her heart and dream. Veer feels apologetic for his actions and says I know that I have done wrong. Jaya says your penance is seen in your eyes, but we have bear so much in these few hours that we don’t have the strength left now. She asks him to forget Sanchi and move on in life. Veer goes sadly.

Jaya throws juice on Dr. Malhotra’s clothes and tells that she will expose him. Dr. Malhotra is about to slap her. Sanchi comes, holds his hand and warns him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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