Savitri Devi 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi gets her medical licence back

Savitri Devi 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanchi gets her medical licence back

Savitri Devi 22nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya doing puja to make Sunil’s ashes to rest. She appreciates Veer for helping him and tells savitri that he has her values. Veer says somebody asked him to walk on right path always. They put the ashes in the river. Sanchi says you will always be my hero…Papa and feels proud of him..Jaya promises to make their children future bright. Sanchi and Sunny hug her and cries.

Vikrant and Priya see the news about Dr. Malhotra’s arrest. Priya gets shocked and asks him to get her go to her house. Vikrant says this is your house. Priya says sorry, I mean my mayka. Vikrant asks her to go and says now he is sure that she won’t do anything against him. She says now you are Priya Vikrant Chawla and not Priya Malhotra, and asks her to come home fast. Dr. Malhotra is in the police lock up. Priya comes to meet Dadi and asks her to have food. Dadi refuses. Savitri says I know you are feeling bad and asks her to have food. Gayatri asks her to stop faking goodness. Adarsh and Neeta tell her that she did wrong.

Neeta says you was good in coma. Dadi says Neeta is not wrong and says you would have told me this, and have ruined everything. Savitri says even she feels pain seeing her husband in jail. Dadi asks her not to talk sweet and tells Gayatri is better than you. Dr. Malhotra is in lock up with thieves. Thieves laugh at him and says he killed his friend and snatched the hospital, his wife got him punished. Dr. Malhotra tells Constables that he can’t be with thieves and wants special cell. Constable says they are ordinary thieves, but you are a murderer. Jaya makes kheer for her family. Sanchi asks her not to worry. Constable asks Dr. Malhotra to have food. He refuses. Gayatri comes to meet Dr. Malhotra and feels sorry seeing him in jail. Dr. Malhotra plans revenge once he is out of jail. Jaya asks Sanchi to apply in the medical council for reconsideration. Sanchi says she will get her licence.

Veer comes to hospital and is congratulated by his friends for his doing. Pragya says now they can appeal in the council. Council member comes there and tells that they have decided to return Sanchi’s return. They get happy. Isha and Pragya bring Sanchi and Jaya there, and open the blind fold. Savitri gives her envelope. Sanchi reads that she is getting her medical licence with all dignity. Sanchi gets happy.

Jaya asks Sanchi to handle the hospital. Sanchi says she is just intern here and says Dr. Kabir is the suitable person to handle the hospital. Dr. Malhotra meets Dr. Kabir and conspires against Sanchi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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