Savitri Devi 23rd November 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 23rd November 2017 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 23rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on


The Episode starts with Sanchi telling Jaya that she got her licence back. Savitri is also happy and tells Jaya that this hospital belongs to Dr. Sunil bhai sahib and after two days, they will rename the hospital as Dr. Sunil Mishra college and hospital and it will be a charitable hospital. They break coconut. They all welcome Sanchi. Sanchi gets happy seeing her Id card or licence. Neeta, Dr. Kabir and Adarsh looks on. Someone comes and says you cabin is ready. Sanchi is surprised. Savitri says you will be new Dean of the college. Jaya says you deserves to handle this hospital. Sanchi says she is just an intern and is not capable of the position. She says Dr. Kabir deserves to handle the hospital.

Veer recalls Dr. Kabir supporting Dr. Malhotra and says he don’t deserve this. Sanchi says there might be a reason behind his decision and goes on praising him. Dr. Kabir feels bad and thinks how can someone have such a big heart. Savitri asks are you ready to handle this position. Dr. Kabir says if Sanchi has shown faith on me then I am ready. Neeta and Adarsh tell each other what will happen to their jobs now.

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