Shakti 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman take care of Preeto

Shakti 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman take care of Preeto

Shakti 16th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maninder telling his family that he will close the business and he don’t want that licence. He says Soumya might be thinking that he got licence because of her. Surbhi tells him that he got licence because of Soumya and his heart also knows it. She says you never cared about mata rani’s blessing who is Soumya. Kareena tells that Soumya got grains from her father today. Rani says she blessed him and the effect was shown right then and he got the licence. Soumya cries holding the grains and tells Chameli that Maninder never loved her or hugged her. She says once he gave me gift after marriage, but to take my life. She cries and tells Nimmi’s saying. She says he never thought me as his daughter. She says my papa is not bad, but he don’t have the strength to accept my identity. Chameli asks her not to cry. Soumya says these are happiness tears and says I couldn’t get anything as daughter till now from me, but today I got it as a kinnar. She thanks the God and says for the first time, her dad gave her something.

Inspector asks Harak Singh if his family is not worried for him and says nobody came till now to bail you out. Harak singh says he is in vanvas for his family. He thinks this is a part of a plan to bring my son back. He calls preeto. Preeto picks the call and says she is fine. She tells him that Harman is taking care of her and even made kada for her. Harak Singh says he is eating poison there just for him. Harman comes there. Preeto hides the phone. Harak Singh hears him. Harman asks her to drink kada. He says whenever people used to talk about Harak Singh, I used to feel proud of him and he was my hero in my eyes, but now after doing this cheap thing, he made himself fall in my eyes. I feel ashamed to see him. Harak Singh hears him and thinks I am doing this and bearing this to bring you back to us.

Chameli comes to Soumya and asks what she is doing. Soumya says she is writing Harman’s name with 7 different grains, and will complete his name by getting grains in charity daily. Chameli tells that she felt her astitva of a married woman and clicks her pic. She says when you will not be here, I will see it. Soumya says my relation with you all are unforgettable. Later she thinks why did Harman haven’t come till now and calls him. Preeto picks the call and tells that Harman will stay there for tonight as her leg pain increased. She taunts Soumya and ends the call. Harman comes to Preeto and says he wants to sit with her. Preeto asks him to sit.

In the morning, Harman makes kada for Preeto. Shanno says he will not be at peace until you gets fine. Nani, Surbhi and Varun come there. Preeti thinks why did they come again. Surbhi and Varun ask about her leg pain. Preeto says it is a fracture and healing. Harman thinks he shall go and meet Soumya. Preeto asks him to go. Mohini asks Shanno to pack the tiffin and says she will give to Balam ji.

Mohini gets 8 parathas. Raavi says babu ji don’t have so many parathas. Mohini says they will have together. Soumya gets grains as nek. Kareena and Raveena are happy and thinks she is begging for grains.

Rani asks Soumya to take her nek. Soumya refuses and says mata ji and she is seeing. She tells that when Harman fulfilled the conditions truly then she will also do the same.

Harman asks Soumya, you came. Soumya asks if he is feeling pain. She says which kinnar gets so much love like me and feels glad and happy. She says she is very lucky to have him in her life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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