Shakti 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 21st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya talking to Harman on phone and asks him to take care of Preeto. Harman asks her to take care. Preeto hears them. Soumya thinks don’t know what happened to Papa ji. Kareena says he got mad as bahu turned out to be kinnar. Rani asks her not to spit venom always and asks Soumya not to think. Soumya says I am not thinking anything as Harman’s love changed my perspective, she is worried about something else.

Preeto tells Harak Singh how can walls stand without the roof. She says I am roof of this family, but you are the one who handles the roof. She says if you fall weak then I will break. Harak Singh says we have done enough to get Harman, don’t know what to do. Preeto says I am sure that everything will be fine. Mohini comes there and says I haven’t seen such family in my life who has sacrificed so big for his son, and says God will fulfill their wish. Harak Singh asks Preeto to sleep. Mohini tells Harak Singh that everything will be good and asks him to sleep. He says he is having headache and can’t sleep. She offers to massage his head. He refuses but she insists and massages his head. Preeto looks at them from outside and gets jealous.

In the morning, Mohini greets Harak Singh and tells that she has magical finger and asks if his pain is gone. He says his pain is gone and says she has magical fingers. Preeto tells him that Harman is leaving. They come out. Mohini asks Preeto to give keys as she wants to take jewellery. Preeto refuses to give keys. Harak Singh asks her to give keys. Mohini holds Preeto’s hand and threatens to make her leave. Harman comes there and asks Mohini not to mess with him. He asks Harak Singh to handle her.

Mohini threatens to poison preeto and says Harman don’t stay here 24 hours. Harman hears her angrily and takes keys from Preeto. Harak Singh says he will break the locker just as he goes. Harman sits on sofa and hugs him. He says my Papa came here, now he will handle siyappa. Preeto thinks our work is done, now Gurumaa will do the other work. She says she will bring tea for him and goes. Harman looks on. Preeto calls Gurumaa and asks her to do something so that Soumya can’t fulfill her condition. Gurumaa says she will do something. Soumya and other kinnars ask for nek from the people.

Harman have food with his family. Kinnars tell Soumya that they shall go home. Soumya says few homes left now, they shall get nek. Rani asks kinnars to go and tells that she will ask nek with Soumya. Harman thinks to go and meet soumya.

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