Shakti 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman returns to Preeto’s house

Shakti 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman returns to Preeto’s house

Shakti 22nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman meeting Soumya and tells that when he meets her, he feels peace. Gurumaa and others come there, and she says you don’t care about your mum, that dancer can poison her and kill her, don’t you care for her. Soumya asks Harman to go. Saya says Tarana is fulfilling your last challenge, you shall take your stuff and go to stay in your house, at the moment Preeto needs you, once the condition is fulfilled, you can take soumya home. Soumya asks him to think that she is in her mayka till she completes the condition and asks him to go. Harman recalls Mohini trying to kick her out and agrees. Soumya hugs him. Harman says I will come and meet you whenever I want. Soumya says I know and asks him to go for now. Gurumaa calls Preeto and says your work is done, your son is coming to your house with this stuff. Preeto runs to Harak Singh’s room and informs him that Harman is coming. Mohini congratulates them and says it is a happy ending. She says she has done this for money. Preeto says I am ready to give you my entire life and says your work is priceless. Harman and Soumya think about each other. Main tenu samjhawa ji. Plays….

Beeji asks if Preeto called. Maninder says her life is ruined now. Surbhi says she is in trouble and feels bad for her. Varun thinks Preeto is doing drama. Rani calls Surbhi and says Harman went to his house with his stuff and tells that it was Preeto’s conspiracy to separate them. Surbhi says Preeto can’t harm her.

Preeto acts and tells Harak singh that her son will come. Harak Singh says your son will come and go. Harman comes and says he will stay in the house now and asks Shanno to make cardamom tea for family members. Shanno goes. Soumya is going to temple. Kareena and Raveena taunt Soumya. Rani gives a fitting reply to them. Saya comes and asks Soumya to go to room and asks Raveena and Kareena until when they will fight with Soumya. Harak Singh shouts as he is not served tea. Harman says you and your woman are boycott by us. Mohini says she will make elaichi for him. Harak singh says he will make tea along with her. Just then happy singh’s call comes on Harman’s phone and he invites them for Pooja at home. Harak says we all will go. Harman says you will not go, I will take all family members. Harak Singh thinks it is good that Harman thought about his family.

When everyone gets ready, Harman asks Preeto why she is not ready go. Preeto says she will stay at home, as if people ask about Harak what she will say. Harman says even I will not go. Preeto asks him to pray for her ruin life. Soumya comes to temple and prays for her family. She asks mata rani to give strength to Harman so that he can see truth and get justice for Preeto.

Harak singh and Preeto are dancing and celebrating happily as Harman is back. Harman comes and is shocked. He asks Preeto to swear on him that whatever he saw is a lie.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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