Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TvSerialUpdates.blog

Payal dances in brothel with other dancers reminiscing telling Kanak that she will dance today, but will end her life after that. Uma sees Kanak’s anklet and tells Ved and Vansh that Kanak is somewhere here itself. They search her all over and hear music from other side of wall. Kanak thinks how to get out of room and using a metal object opens door lock. Goon walks in and laughs that she is very intelligent, points gun on her. Ved, Vansh, and Uma enter brothel and beat goons. Aditya and Rajeev get tensed seeing them. Uma and Ved dorn shawl on Payal and ask where is Kanak. Payal says goons have kept her in another room and want to kill her. Kanak pushes goon and runs. Goon shoots at her, but she escapes and reaches room. Vansh gets happy seeing her and calls behna. Kanak surpasses him Vansh, runs and hugs Uma. Uma asks if she is fine. Uma says goon wants to kill her. Uma angrily kicks goon. Goon falls down and kicks him back. Uma gets up in a karate style and trashes goon. Ved and Vansh also trash goon.

Goon says he did bring these girls, Aditya brought them and sold him to repay 20 lakhs loan which he lost in gambling. Uma and angrily walks towards Aditya. Aditya alleges Rajeev and says he mixed something in his drug and hypnotized him and made him do all these heinous acts as Vicky. Rajeev says he is lying and reveals that Aditya was never Vicky, he was acting all this while and paid him to get fake documents, etc., and in that hotel room, Aditya had molested Kanak and went to another room via bathroom door.

Kanak thinks this is the right time to expose Maasi and asks Rajeev who paid him for this heinous act. When Rajeev is about to take Maasi’s name, Maasi enters and slaps him shouting how dare he is to try to sell women. She then slaps Aditya and says he is dead for her, repeatedly, slaps him and acts. Kanak tells Uma whole story and asks Maasi how did she come here. Maasi says when Aditya did not return, she had sent Gabbasa behind him and he gave her this address. Ved says he will arrest Aditya. Uma says before that, he has to do 3 acts, he asks Payal to slap Aditya for insulting marriage and his wife. Payal slaps him. Uma then asks Kanak to slap Aditya for molesting her. Kanak reminisces incident and slaps him repeatedly.. Maasi thinks she has to elope Aditya from here and protect herself before she meets her goal. Drama continues…

Precap: Kanak says she has a question, who pay Aditya for his lavish life and who paid doctor and Rajeev. Aditya holds Maasi at gunpoint and warns to let her go.

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